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Golden Star Corporation supplies chemical and industrial raw material for Rubber, PVC, Fiber Optics, Cable, Adhesive & Shoe Industries.

Products Description/Application Photo
Carbon Black Reinforcing agent for rubber compound, pigment for coating
Gum Resin Tackifier resin  
Phenolic Resin Tackifier resin
Oleochemical (Palm based) Stearic Acids
Oleic Acids
Palmitic Asid
Magnesium Oxide Activator for rubber compound and adhesive industry.
Silicone Oil Pharmaceutical Grade
Industrial Grade  
Silicone Emulsions  
Antimony Trioxide Flame retardant
Reclaim Rubber Recycle Tire Based

Recycle Shoe Based

Recycle Latex Based

Reclaim EVA Ethylene vinyl acetate
Epoxy Resin Coatings  
Epoxy Hardener Coatings  
Zinc Oxide Activator for rubber compound and adhesive industry.  
Titanium Dioxide White pigments
Polyethylene (PE) raw material for PE parts  
Chlorinated Polyethylene(CPE)    
Paraffin Wax Fully Refine  
Semi Refine  
Anti Foam Water Based  
Plasticizers Metal soup palm based additives